Fundraising Opportunities


Helpful Hydration's largest fundraiser are our Bracelets! Schools, clubs, and organizations from around the country have joined our cause to provide water for those in Sub-Saharan Africa. The fundraiser works by the organization's members selling Helpful Hydration's signature bracelets. The bracelets help raise awareness and funds for clean water in Africa. If your organization wants to help us in the fight for water please consider having a fundraiser with your organization. Please contact us below for more information or to start your fundraiser today! If you decide to start a fundraiser Helpful Hydration will send your organization a sellers kit with all of the information, samples, advertisements and campaign materials needed for the fundraiser!







Helpful Bracelets
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Thank you for taking an Initiative! We will contact you shortly with more information regarding a fundraiser for your organization!

Student Testimonials


“Really enjoyed doing this fundraiser and learning more about the water crisis."

Lauren Williams (Albany, Alabama)

“Feel like this fundraiser really brought my NHS Chapter together because we had a true passion for the cause and got to work as a team and help the people who are suffering.”

Ashley Sirman (Lilburn, Georgia)


“First school fundraiser that actually made a difference in someone's life!"

Brian Gonzolem (Jacksonville, Flordia)